April 15, 2015



   Prominent brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and Lululemon have been shunning women above a size 12 since their inception, catering to the super thin and the super young crowd. That's their marketing strategy. In recent months they've also felt a great deal of ba...

April 10, 2015



IGIGI: Named after an ancient goddess embodying vitality, charm, and intelligence, the designer creates smart, stylish and sophisticated collections for women with curves that accentuate and celebrate their bodies. http://www.igigi.com/


I am honestly addicte...

April 9, 2015



Hair Don't

Avoid heavy straight bangs, like a great wall across your forehead. It will make your forehead appear wider. I had this look for a while it resembled a helmet and not in a good way. 

Avoid extra fizzy hair, it will add bulk and also widen your face. Straighte...

April 7, 2015



I did this make-up look on the weekend. It was snowing outside and it was driving me crazy. I want spring to get here now!!  I got to thinking about warm nights and chilling with my friends out on the patio. 


I primed my face with Aveeno stress relief moisturizin...

April 4, 2015



Forgive my horrible drawing skills, but I have created a few sketches below to illustrate different plus size body types and clothing/ styles that suit each body. I fall somewhere between hourglass and apple. I have a big bust, a narrower waist, a larger tummy and ski...

April 3, 2015




I just wanted to take a minute to explain why Annie and I decided to create this blog. Having endured criticism about our weight for years, we have decided to just embrace life and love ourselves and ignore the trolls.

This blog will highlight changes in the plus fa...

March 29, 2015



I love drugstore make-up. Guilty Pleasure. I especially loved the colour combo of Revlon Photoready Eyeshadow 503 in Muse. It was pretty gorgeous, athough I wish the colours had a brighter pigment when dry. For this look, I dripped Visine eyedrops into the shadow to a...

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