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Maybelline Pink Persuasian eye quad

This eyeshadow quad is beautiful, lot's of shimmer, very fine texture, easy to blend, great for creating a super pretty smokey eye. The pink in this palette is whipser soft. The pink became a little lost in the eyeshadow mix because the other colours are so prominent, but still a nice combo. If you have green or hazel eyes, pinks and purples makes the geen colour pop. If you are getting a tad "older" around the eyes like me, avoid that white silver colour....not sure why...but it doesn't do anyone justice. I used it to blend out the highlight on the lid at the centre of the eye. Bright sparkly silver can really cling to the wrinkles. I personally don't want to look like a 100 year old cyborg or someone stuck in the 70's. I love the idea of it....but silver sparkle eyelids should be left to the wee babes, not the aging babes.

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