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Mission of the blog!

I just wanted to take a minute to explain why Annie and I decided to create this blog. Having endured criticism about our weight for years, we have decided to just embrace life and love ourselves and ignore the trolls. This blog will highlight changes in the plus fashion industry: I've noticed a ripple in the plus fashion landscape and there's more options for 14+ both online and in department stores, its become an exciting place to play. The average North American woman used to be a size 8, now she's a size 14. Fashion designers are realizing plus women actually want great clothes and are willing to spend money for them. The industry is set to explode. This blog is about a personal journey: I grew up reading Vogue and Marie Claire wishing I could be thin like the models, wishing I could wear the beautiful clothes that graced the pages in the magazines. I also used to hide away. Critical comments from a few heartless coworkers, jerk boyfriends and judgmental family members, decimated my confidence. ‎ I refused to buy nice clothes, refused to eat out, refused to be seen. Self-loathing spells doom. It wasn't my weight that was the issue, it was my attitude. I was punishing myself more then my toughest critics. ‎ One day I just snapped. Whatever my size, I decided I was going to show the world the best version of me. I had a good job, a loving supportive husband, great friends and a strong family. It was time to end my relationship with sweat pants and hoodies. This blog will teach you to love yourself: I think it's extremely important that women improve the way they see themselves. I think I diminished myself for just focusing on the pounds. I started a list of my accomplishments. I started experimenting with fashion and make-up. ‎ I shed the cloak of bitterness and found something shiny and new. In general people will talk crap about pretty much everything and everybody... I know it's cliche, but haters gonna hate. Don't let their words touch you, it will just tarnish your shine. It's time to break the cycle with a little confidence .. I want the atmosphere on this blog to be celebratory. Let's put the knives away. . Advice: You are perfect, just as you are and you are no longer invisible. There is no such thing as "fat girl clothing‎" throw away the stretchy pants mom jeans, melancholy muumuus ‎, matronly swimsuits, and prints that look like upholstery fabric. You can be chic. You can be glorious! You can be classy, a femme fatale, a bad ass skater girl..a rocker chic..a sexy pinup. Be bold, infectious and confident. ‎ You are not inferior. You are not defective.

I also encourage you to avoid reading clothing magazines that make you feel defective. PLUS Model magazine online is a great place to start. ‎I also love the UK plus Mag called Slink. The fashion and the women in these mags are simply gorgeous. Annie and I hope you enjoy this blog and I hope we can be a part of your Journey to a fashion and confidence evolution. Sincerely

J of Annie and J.

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