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Finding the Right Bra

Finding a bra has always been a big problem. When I was younger I didn’t know my options. I would follow my smaller friends into stores like Le Senza and realize I could only wear these bras functionally as an eye-patch. Y’ar! I’m a pirate! My problem trickled down to other family members. My grandmother pitied me and asked the older aunts to donate bras to my cause. These were antique looking parachutes that were reminiscent of the madonna 1980s cone bra. Welcome to the “land of point”. Yikes. My last resort was shopping at chain or department stores. The big department stores had bras that “almost fit”. These were unsexy and were available in only two colours beige and white. Sometimes I could find a sexy bra at a plus-size chain store but these bras often have no support and crappy straps that cut you everywhere. An ill-fitting bra is uncomfortable and saggy. I would leave the house looking like an unmade bed wearing these failures. A bad bra will prevent clothes from fitting properly and you will suffer from puckered buttons and the dreaded upper muffin-top (cups runneth over). Lets not forget the constant irritation of back and neck pain. A bad bra also attributes to shoulder grooves.

When I was older I started shopping at specialty lingerie shops. Yes, the bras were more expensive but are well made (they last for years) and I could have a professional fit me.

I had a general idea of my bra-size but after visiting a specialty store and having a trained salesperson measure me, I was out two sizes. It is important to note that you need to try on quite a few bras until you find one that fits perfectly. The right size doesn’t mean that it will fit exactly right. I usually try on at least 15 bras with the aid of the salesperson.

I also recommend bringing two of your favourite shirts along. I always bring my favourite buttoned dress shirt and a low-cut evening blouse. I usually purchase a minimizer for day and a bra with a lower neckline for evening. You will be amazed at how good you feel in these bras. You will also appear 10 pounds lighter and look great in your clothes.


Vicanies 745 King St E, Kitchener

Features a large selection of attractive quality bras and great customer service.

Belle of the Boudoir 680 Goderich Street, Port Elgin

A small shop which carries some very pretty quality bras

Legs Plus Inc. and Bra Boutique, 5867 Leslie St.Toronto,

This store has been in business for over 30 years! Great Selection.

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