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Hair Styles for round faces.

Hair Don't

Avoid heavy straight bangs, like a great wall across your forehead. It will make your forehead appear wider. I had this look for a while it resembled a helmet and not in a good way.

Avoid extra fizzy hair, it will add bulk and also widen your face. Straighten it, tame it, layer it.

Avoid really short styles. This cut maybe easy to maintain but looks best on faces with well defined features. Short cuts emphasize the widest parts of your face, if you don't have impeccable bone structure, this style isn't going to suit. Round faces look great with hair that is shoulder length. Longer hair elongates the face. I also recommend layered hair that contours the face.....I had short hair nightmare and it took forever to grow out. Never again. I call styles like this the cabbage patch doll. The photo below illustrates a terrible haircut Annie had in her 20s and forever jokes about. It was top heavy and heavy on the sides and made her look completely round. (i'll leave the terrible orange-blonde colour for another day!)


Opt for side swept vertical bangs, flowing layers and shoulder length hair. They create pretty angles that thin/contour the face. This is a much better look for Annie!

Waves and flat ironed hairstyles with rounded ends are also good choices. The curves add angles to the face. If you can, curl pieces along your jaw line, it will do wonders to soften and thin your face.

Asymmetric haircuts

An uneven bob also works with round faces as long as the layers in the front fall below the chin.

Uneven short layers are perfect for those looking to define their face. And a bob like Julianne's (below) is easy to style in the midst of the morning rush.

A middle partition makes your face appear heavier around the cheek area. Experiment with different partition styles – side, zigzag or asymmetrical. These styles will take away the focus from your cheek area and bring attention to your forehead.

Updo. Think tall. We want to create length. I also like the half up half down look. I use tendrils of hair to frame my face.

If you don't have long hair FAKE IT.

I have ALOT of extensions, I wasn't blessed with thick beautiful hair and I find adding a little extra length really helps. I use circle extensions by Tabitha Coffee all the time. It's synthetic fiber and it holds a curl really well . Make sure to set your curling iron to low heat. The hoop is great if you have thin hair as it completely disappears. Side fringes and top parts are available in both real or synthetic hair. Do-it-yourself temporary hair extensions have come along way. New brands like Ken Paves Hair-Do and Tabitha Coffee's looks don't have that overly shiny barbie doll appearance. All of the extensions below are available at

Two pieces I love to death are the Ken Paves pony tail extensions, the come in both long and shorter lengths and look really polished and real. They have a new crimped Beachy Pony that I have to have. Remember when you tie your pony, leave a little hair loose to frame your face.

(below the beachy pony tail)

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