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Kiyonna Clothing

I've been wearing Kiyonna clothing for the past couple of years. Pricing is middle of the road compared with most department stores. Kiyonna clothing can be found in various plus-size stores in the GTA (which I will mention at the end of this blog) and online at

I bought my favourite dress of all time from this shop and it was the Retro Glam Lace Dress (pictured above) I wore this dress to every wedding and social event for a year....until my friends called me out and said "Dude do you own another dress?" To stop my addiction to this dress I gave it away to my best friend whom continues to wear it. When I see her in the dress it looks fantastic on her too! Now I've had less success with some of the Kiyonna shirts bought online. I find the cuts of the shirts fit super snug to the bustline and are just a little too low-cut and too tight for me. They are great for the evening but NSFW. The sizing is difficult either they fit perfectly in the arms and are too tight in the top or long in the arms and baggy up top. If you are busty I'd try for some of the newer styles on the website such as the Linden Lace top. They appear a bit looser and have a few inches of added lace.

Shirts to be careful of would be the caycee twist top (seen below). I bought two of these online and I find that I rarely wear them because they are just too low cut for a lot of occasions and fit too tight in the top. I do however like the way the cut skims over my tummy area and hides the lumps and bumps. When in doubt about sizes remember that all is not lost. Go to a store in the GTA that carries Kyionna clothing and try the shirts and dresses on. Sexy Plus Clothing carries this brand. They are now located at 5100 Maingate Dr, Mississauga, ON

Sexy Plus Clothing

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