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Plus size party staple..Reviewing Designer Igigi.

IGIGI: Named after an ancient goddess embodying vitality, charm, and intelligence, the designer creates smart, stylish and sophisticated collections for women with curves that accentuate and celebrate their bodies.

I am honestly addicted to clothing by plus size designer IGIGI. I have probably purchased at least 12 to 15 dresses from the website over the last five years. If I need an outfit for a dinner or a party, I know I would find something available that will fit me perfectly, would be of good quality and would be utterly beautiful.

One of my favourite dresses was a semi transparent gold lame Marilyn Monroe dress they featured about 5 years ago. It was a real conversation starter. I've ordered everything from seperates to evening gowns, and every garment was a show stopper. IGIGI also offers a high quality accessories line, bags, belts and jewelery that compliment the clothing. You can literally find a dress you love and a matching necklace, handbag and ..boom be ready for the party.

IGIGI loves colour, and IGIGI loves prints, and they are always on trend. Tips: Be careful when selecting a dress, make sure the print is in the right place and I do find some of the prints a little too wild for my liking, but they offer a great selection of sexy black dresses, if plain is what your crave. When ordering ...they have a clever guide with each item called a "shape stylist" that tells you what will suit your body type. ( see our previous Blog on finding your shape)

The cuts of the garments tend to run on the larger side. I find that a good way to measure to insure fit, it to judge by the bust measurement, especially for the dresses with empire waists.

IGIGI also offers a blog called Curve Connection where satisfied customers model the clothes. This is so very helpful! Find a woman with your similar shape and gauge how the outfit looks on a real body!

I have to admit, I have just made some recent purchases from IGIGI and am waiting (not very) patiently for their arrival. Below are just a few items from the Spring/Summer 2015 line, available now.





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