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Bright Spring Shopping

The warm weather sent me out shopping for a couple of fresh outfits. I hit Maurice to see what I could find. In the image below I'm wearing Maurice's sleeveless blouse in pink escape size XXL. I paired with with a flowered flowing cardigan size XXL. I couldn't find this cardigan on the Maurice website, however it is available in-store. I love the way that the flowing fabrics at Maurice skim over my body and thin me out. I was also happy to see bright colours in my size. At the Maurice store there are two options for plus sizing. In regular sizes the store carries size small to XXL. Size XL 15-16, XXL 17-18. In the plus size section they also carry fashionable frocks. The plus size section is labelled numerically from 0-4. The breakdown is below.

0-size 14,

1-sizes 16-18,

2 sizes 20-22,

3 sizes 24-26

4 size 28.

I tend to pick and choose from both sections as the cuts of the clothes tend to be different even though the style may appear similar. The clothes at Maurice are inexpensive and look very trendy. Just a quick reminder; the clothes should always be hand-washed regardless if the label says machine wash. I find that one trip through the washing machine and some of the silky fabrics will fray at the seams.

The next outfit (below) is combination of a few things in my closet. A new Maurice top plus size #1. Online it is sold as the "crochet shoulder chiffon plus size peaseant top". I've paired the top with my favourite Kiyonna sunset stroll bellini and Penningtons blue jeans.

Kiyonna Sunset Stroll Bellini $58.00

Crochet Shoulder Chiffon Plus Size Peaseant Top $34.00. Maurice

Sleaveless Blouse in Pink Escape $26.00 Maurice

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