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Beautiful Bridal

(Above, the day of my wedding, waiting to head to the church)

I just celebrated my 7th anniversary to my wonderful husband Ryan. I am blessed to have a man like Ryan, who sees me as not only his best friend, but also his partner in life. He married me at my heaviest and when my confidence was at its lowest. He has made it his mission to build me up and tell me how beautiful I am. When we were engaged to be married I was excited, but I was also nervous. Having nil confidence, and envisioning being the centre of attention in a giant white dress, was nightmarish. Worse, when I went to the bridal shops, they had no dresses in my size that I could try on...they wanted me to order a dress by merely looking at a picture of a skinny model..and "take my chances". It didn't instill confidence. I remember going to the shops with my thin friends..and experienced the humiliation of the sales girls gravitating towards them instead of me...asking who the bride was...I would hold my hand up and..correct them..already miffed that they overlooked me because the BIG girl in the room couldn't possibly be the bride, right? I'm being very candid here, dress shopping wasn't an easy ride for me.

I actually gave up dress shopping. I was full of despair, and Ryan took me by the hand and, we are going to find you a dress..and I am coming with you. ( I know all the women in the room right now are horrified, but it's true, Ryan came with me to pick out my dress.) He didn't want me to bring a handful of judgemental friends, (I think he called it a condescending hen party) Ryan wanted me to find something I loved, after all the day was about him and I.

When I finally found a gown, it was luck. A shoppe in Waterloo Ontario, had four plus size sample dresses on the rack. Three of the dresses didn't fit me, but the last one fit like a glove, finally I could see myself in an actual dress! I stepped out onto the little podium, surrounded by mirrors and Ryan clapped his hands together and proclaimed THAT was the one. I melted...I felt like a princess. It had a beautiful strapless, fitted bodice beaded with seed pearls and crystals and a ball gown skirt of tuille and lace. It was a lot of dress, but it floated when I walked.

We picked out a tiara, and the longest train they had....and the sales girls jacked me up to get the full affect in front of the mirror. It was a magical feeling. I finally felt the magnitude of the movement, I was going to be someone's wife. Ryan was pretty much my knight in shining armour. After I had been fitted, he had the sales girls running around showing me earrings and tiaras, and was my Pretty Woman moment. happy ending...but a stressful journey...luckily, I think the journey is alot easier for plus brides today, or so I hope.

(Above left with my Dad and Right with my husband Ryan..PS I know my bangs were all wrong...what was I thinking? Yes, that's also my natural hair colour.)

I've been awestuck with the beautiful gowns available on line...and the models are actually plus size, which helps decide on a cut that works. There are many plus dresses that have a vintage feel, or are short and simple....some are all out glam. Below are some of my favourite picks and I have also listed some shoppes that carry plus bridal.


David's Bridal Locations in the GTA/Ontario

See Below; Where to purchase Alfred Angelo plus gowns

BELOW: information on Kiyonna bridal dresses

Order from Sydney's closet online:


Felichia Bridal

601 College St., Toronto, Ontario, M6G 1B5, CANADA Phone: 647-350-5559

Lines carried: Wtoo Brides, Watters Brides, Love Marley

Becker's Bridal

387 Danforth Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M4K 1P1, CANADA Phone: 416-463-6601

Lines carried: Wtoo Brides, Love Marley

Beautiful Gowns :Order online by (Above)

Gorgeous accessories below, by David's Bridal

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