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Meet the "phony" and "foamy" plus-size model

‎I read the most disheartening article in the Daily Mail today, it featured a model who was a size 12 naturally and who was fitted with foam pads to increase her size to a 16 for plus size fashion shoots. The pads were perfectly shaped and strategically placed on the hips and backside and rubber fillers were loaded into her bra. The end result was a perfectly proportioned woman with a tiny face, tiny arms, tiny waist and a big bottom and bust. I often wondered how some "alleged" plus size models seemed to have perfect bodies, and now I know they weren't blessed from birth. I have a huge problem with this obviously. How am I suppose to guess if a garment will fit on me if I base it on these models? I carry my weight in different areas all over my body. That's why I think it's so important that more designers and retailers fit their clothes on people who have different shapes, that actually exist in the real world..not stick thin models covered in chunks of foam. I love retailers who get "it" and showcase their clothes on the women who actually wear them. Kiyonna shows their fashions on models of different sizes and heights and Yours Clothing in the UK showcases all of their clothes on plus women of various sizes. I find their runway videos extremely helpful. Check out the pictures below courtesy of the Guardian. Ridiculous. For the model's confessional click here and check out the Daily Mail UK

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