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She comes in colours everywhere, she combs her hair, she's like a rainbow..

Pastel rainbow hair is on trend, and the colors aren't just for teenagers anymore. I was having a few drinks last Friday night on a patio at Yonge and St Clair and a lady in her seventies passed by me and she had glorious streaks of mauve inter mixed with her silvery hair, it looked really cool. I think the trend started with Katy Perry on her California girls tour..

When I was in College I would often pop some fire engine red streaks at the front of my jet black bob to mimic Ginger of the spice girls.. but the colors were bright and contrasting and meant to channel punk. ‎The flashes of color in the 90's were meant to shock, the colours of 2015 are surprisingly pretty and wearable. If you want an idea check out vintage Gwen Stefanie 1996, sans the bindi.

I've drank the kool-aid...and have become hopelessly addicted to baby pink semi permanent colour by Manic Panic. I add a few streaks of the stain to my hair and wash it out after an hour ..because I want a hint of colour. The colour lasts about a week before it washes out. One pot of manic panic colour lasts about a month and there's zero commitment. I'm addicted to seeing colours mixed together... darker purple roots merging into teal or pink ends.

My favorite colours from Manic Panic for these looks are

‎Lielocks .....a shade of bluish purple

Cotton Candy current go to colour

Atomic Turquoise for glorious mermaid hair

Mystic Heather...‎a darker rose pink

‎Bad Boy Blue... royal to baby blue

How to apply:

‎If you already have blonde hair, apply Manic Panic directly to the strands of hair. I find it prettiest if you section hair and add the colour to the layers underneath... but that's totally up to you.

If you have dark hair, you'll need to bleach your hair out white first to get the full affect. The products that work best are Manic Panic's shock bleach cream or Blondissma's streaking cream formula. Bleach sections of hair out to a white yellow colour and then add Manic Panic.

‎The Panic pots are available at some Shopper's Drugmart locations...I get mine at the location in the Eaton's Centre for around $14 dollars.

If you're scared to dye or bleach your hair.

Various websites offer extensions that are pre-dyed in a rainbow of colours and just clip into your existing hair.

Panic Panic also offers hair gels that can add color to hair and is easily washed out with shampoo.

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