The Looks of Anastasia Steel... Plus Size Fashion Inspiration

I love watching 50 Shades of Grey....I know the book wasn't the best written novel, and the movie isn't going to win an sister not a fan of he subject matter, but to each their own..I love to fall into an innocent fantasy once and a while and the film cures my occassional addiction. I love the fashion evolution of she morphs from a mousy innocent into a smoldering femme fatale. This was a challenge, finding plus size looks that mimics Ana's style. ... I hope I didn't fail you!


Anna loved leather Moto Jackets and's my favourite look ...that Brown Rust coloured jacket and the plus size equivalent..finding an awesome moto jacket isn't very hard, they range in various colours. I believe Torrid has a few sexy ones....I have one I covet in black.


Who didn't love that petal pink chiffon/ crepe halter dress Ana wore to the family dinner party. It was designed in the vision of the dress Faye Dunnaway wore in the Thomas Crown Affair. The dress is light and airy..finding a plus dress that had all of these concepts was not an easy task.

After days of searching I found a white beach wedding dress (below) that had the same concepts...halter neck, chiffon crepe materials and that floaty skirt that will fly away when you spin on the dance floor. Latest Price: US$157.89 also listed are some reasonably priced fun flirty dresses from Dress Barn

If you need a little more coverage...I MUST have bra friendly dresses..I just can't work with strapless or halter dresses and be comfortable.. I found this sweet little Calvin Klein number on Amazon...the colour is the same petal pink, and it has the same flirty skirt....if I was striving for a purely Ana look, I would obviously ditch the belt.


First time we see Ana in a dress that is powerful and grown up.. she wants to prove she's in charge. found a dress equally as sexy and in the same plum colour....the plus size shealth dress is by David's still evokes the power but also adds a touch of "pretty" with the transparent beaded neckline.


Tried to piece together the super sweet librarian look Ana wore in the first scene. It might not seem very trendy or fashion forward, but got Christian's attention.


Casual little number for a walk in Roncesvalles Village...maybe you're hitting a bakeshop or going for a cafe latte.... awesome day trip look. Any basic utility jacket will do the trick, a few JCrew scarves , a white Tee and dark wash jeans....and Uggs


Little Girl grows up and so does her style in a sleek, dove grey halter dress. It's so simple... did you notice it matches Christian's tie?

I found an equally pretty dress in a similar style in black at David's bridal. Thre dress is also available in pink and white....but the black oozes sophistication.


Ana wears her lucky horse shoe necklace during the first few scenes of the film. It's pretty and it brought her luck... dating a billionaire and all... I found it for you at Veronica and Harold ...though no price is listed on the page....but there are knock-offs everywhere...

You might also want to try OPI's Nail Polish collection inspired by the movie!


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