May 30, 2015

The first time I fell in love with tribal wear was back in the 90's. I had been rummaging through Gilbralter Market in London, Ontario, and had purchased a metal anklet that was handmade by a Middle Eastern vendor, it was loosely based on the ceremonial dance anklets, and was fitted with tiny noisy bells. I wore that anklet everywhere..I loved the sound it made, I loved how it looked with my long Boho patterned skirts. My taste expanded into wooden and shell necklaces and hand carved bone and wooden earrings. I was also obsessed with seed pearl and bead garments and necklaces constructed of hemp and tumbled jade and amber... after attending various powwows on the Cape Croker Reserve near my childhood home on the Bruce Peninsula. The craftmanship of the work was impeccable and In my opinion the best tribal jewelry has an artisan feel. Spend an afternoon at a market, and find something will be will be a little rough around the edges and it will be beautiful,  a found object, a piece of art.  Living in the city, I'm surrounded by hard lines of steel and glass and I often gravitate to my tribal and boho pieces because I long to return to a time when I felt like a rustic, global nomad...

 (above and example of my very first tribal piece..below Jewlery for sale at a Powwow)




















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