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The Comfy Gitch Movement

I have always worn full briefs.. It's not about modesty... I just crave comfort and I don't care if I'm mocked for my "hello Mummy" Bridget Jones style panties.

I also love a good boy short with thigh coverage.. when the subway passes me on the platform, or a gust of wind blows up my skirt.. I don't worry about the crowd getting a show..because I have it covered.

Remember poor Donna on the 70's Show..outed and humilated for wearing comfy undies!

Long line boy shorts are great because I don't get the dreaded visible panty line. I prefer cotton or spandex but Addition Elle and Lane Bryant have beautiful styles that are both sexy and comfortable. I encourage you to check out the ruffle rumba panty at Hips and Curves..full coverage..adorable... I always thought my need for comfy underwear was my own personal quirk, but I'm not alone. There seems to be a movement towards fuller coverage, and stats show butt floss is going out of style. Maybe it's because thongs remind us of the 90's? Maybe it's the distaste and bad press of the celebrity thong slip.. seeing a thong peeking out over jeans..isn't all that sexy anymore.. it's vulgar.

The New York Times constructed an in depth article on the status of women's underpants (breaking news..I know) and they spoke to Bernadette Kissane, a market apparel analyst, she says millennials are shunning skimpy skivvies... “Within millennial and Generation Y consumer groups, it’s considered cool to be wearing full-bottom underwear. Thongs have had their moment‎" Market trend authority NPD (Global Market Research) studied the sales of undies, in 2012 hipster underwear brought $618 million in sales, trumping thong undies.‎ Bikinis are the most popular choice for women with $708 million in sales. The dreaded "granny panty" or high cut brief ....doubled in sales from $79 million in 2010 to $197 million in 2012‎. ‎ There's even a feminist element that is pushing the full brief trend.. check out the website..Me and You...

they offer white, full size cotton brief with feminist scrolled along the back in big pink letters... beside making a statement.. they're kinda cute.

Some of my fav picks for super cute panties with full coverage!

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