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Get Your Bronze On!

Heading into June and July I start hitting the bronzer hard and the self tanner lightly. Too much self tanner can turn me into a oompa loompa. I know some kinds of tanners are better then others..but no matter what kind I use...they always leave me looking like a streaky mess. I love the little wipe on tanning cloths and I also like the Jergens tanner that adds colour gradually. The product gives me just enough colour to take my legs to neon white to a healthy glow.

When it comes to make-up...I gravitate towards golds and bronzes...they just go so well with the tan. Remember you'll have to drop to a darker shade with your foundation and concealer. I like to use a liquid bronzer with light reflecting elements. I splurge on this and reach for the Chanel.

I used to use the Chanel bronzing power base...but have been having a hard time finding it..the liquid fomula isn't bad, it looks great on all skin colours. I'm pretty grumpy I can no longer find the Estee Lauder Sands eyeshadow compact...mine is wearing thin, and the colours were fantastic.

Try to find a compact that has a very light gold shade, a reddish brown shade and a dark bronze. Remember not to pick a gold that is too looks lousy on tanned skin, especially if you have light skin. Cover the entire lid with the light gold..then hit the out V with the dark bronze colour....use the reddish brown to blend into the crease.

The Sephora Collection eye shadow set has a really pretty gold, bronze and would be a pretty good subsitute.

You can't go wrong with a brownish red lipstick and s hit of gold gloss.

I highlight my check bones with Revlon skinlights.

For beachy waves, take damp hair. lightly spray it with hairspray and work it through the hair with your fingers..braid it, go to the morning perfect hair!

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