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Best Dressed Wedding Guest

, My husband's brother was married this week to a beautiful bride in Victoria Park in Kitchener. It was such a lovely ceremony!

Of course everyone looked so perfect. I know it isn't easy trying to find the right dress that fits the venue, that also fits the weather, that's also on trend..but doesn't look like the same dress everyone else is wearing.

It's important as guest to look your best, even if you're not in the party or the immediate family. Dressing your best honours the couple and their day... also remember, nowadays,,everyone had a camera, Instagram, Facebook, Periscope, will be uploaded instantaniously if you like it or not. The days of ghosting a wedding in shlumpy clothes are over.

Make sure you wear a little (too much) make-up instead of too little. You will look better in photographs, choose dresses that are more form fitting, I know that being plus size, we tend to gravitate to loose flowing dresses, I always find they don't do (me) any justice in photos.

(below..outside in the park at night after the cermony an party, I brought some great golden Aldo Flats and my Kiyonna shrug)

Below are some of my favourite plus size picks for Mother of the bride, guest, and a adorable, affordable, plus size bridesmaid dress.

Easy Bridesmaid dress: I love this dress, simple, universally flattering cut, and available in ontrend colours. I think the dress in Navy is so classic. Below, Embellishment, strapless, bustier dress with dipped hem, available at Yours Clothing for $74.00



This look is stunning, offers full coverage and also comes in blue.

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