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Annie and Jay Review TORRID....

(Photo Via Torrid)

(Above, Annie and Jay visit Torrd at the Eaton Centre)

The first thing I liked about the new Torrid store was the selection, but the best part of my visit was the great time I had shopping there. It other plus size stores, stock is usually low, the sizing and cuts are weird, and the clothing is "somewhat"'s never what I REALLY want. You know what I mean...the cut works, but the pattern looks like upholstery fabric, or the jeans fit, yes, but they border dangerously close to mom jean territory. They give up on seams and style and just create plus size drape cloths with no shape and expect me to spend big bucks for a table cloth with a neck hole.

Not at Torrid. I wanted EVERYTHING, and everything fit me too. Annie has a hard time finding clothing..she sets out to buy clothing like she's walking the plank, she can spend hours in a store searching...and usually leaves frustrated or with only one item. Ann popped out of the change room at Torrid laden with items she loved and a big grin on her face.

Ann never smiles when she shops for clothes. This is a big deal.

About the store. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly.. but didn't harass me constantly, which I loved. I hated being chased around, told about the deals every two seconds, cornered into buying a bra..because it's buy one get one free...yadda yadda.

They knew what they had or didn't have in stock. They brought me great alternatives.

The clothing is just cool. Boyfriend jeans, cool jackets, awesome wide width shoes, sexy, flattering lingerie. It's easy to organize outfits and create outfits..and design outfits that are interchangeable.

The change rooms are big and bright and boutique like..with comfy chairs for impatient husbands.

I bought a lot of stuff and was pleasantly shocked when I cashed out.

All of the shoppers were excited. I could feel the communal sigh of relief "Finally."

Review of Torrid? 5 out of 5 Stars.

WHERE IS IT: Take the Subway to Dundas station, take the escalator up to the third floor, Torrid is across the hall from H&M and is nieghbours to David's Tea.

(photo from Toronto Eaton Centre Facebook Page)

(photo from Toronto Eaton Centre Facebook Page)

(photo from Toronto Eaton Centre Facebook Page)


Annie and Jay's picks: a peach Georgette Pullover Blouse, dove grey Open Stitch Cardigan, grey Mesh Midi Skirt with ballerina-like overlay, gem stone statement necklace, Babydoll Lace & Mesh Chemise, dark wash skinny jeans with destruction, blue and white plaid blouse and black jacket with chiffon back.

(above Open stich Cardiagan, $58.50, grey Mesh Midi Skirt $58.50, peach Georgette Pullover Blouse, $53.50, Gem overlay statement necklace $25.00, shoes were purchased at Le Chateau.

( Below, close-up of the Gem overlay Statement Necklace)Formula X nail polish in Blazing - pearlescent burgundy, available at Sephora.

(Below) dark wash skinny jeans with destruction, blue and white plaid blouse, $ 77.50. shirt $53.30

(below) Drape Front Jacket With Chiffon Back. $53.50. Very flattering and comfortable piece.

The lingere is beautiful. Jay picked this red and black Chemise and paired it with a vintage lace shawl. The fit is super flattering. Very, very pretty and was under $50.


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