Star Wars Make-up Collection by COVERGIRL

September 20, 2015

For those of you who know me, they know that I'm a Star Wars, superfan...yes I have my own Lightsaber, and it's green. I had a major crush on Luke Skywalker when I was seven years old, now in my mid-thirties I seem to be drawn the Darkside a little more, and have been hankering to get a lightsaber with a Vader red blade to add to my ever growing collection... (total nerd girl)  




I've been geeking out ever since I bought the September Issue of Vogue and found the ad for COVERGIRL's Star Wars Collection inspired by the theatrical release of The Force Awakens.


 (Jay doing her best impression of the Emperor at the Toronto Fan Expo)


The collection includes some pretty funky lipstick shades and nail polishes.  There are also little tubes of black mascara that are labelled with famous quotes on the tube, which makes them fun and collectable...


The Darkside Mascara quotes:
“I will finish what you started”
“There has been an awakening”
“Indeed you are powerful”
“You will meet your destiny”
“Immune to the light”


The Lightside Mascara quotes: (which is waterproof)

“May the force be with you.”
“Do. Or do not try. There is no try.”
“You’re my only hope.”
“I feel the good in you.”
“Luminous beings are we.”


 I haven't found the Star Wars Make-up in stores yet, and I'm not sure if they will even make it to Canada, but you can order them online and I've done so. I'm sure the collection will make its way into our stores closer to the actual movie date in December. I was unsure the lipsticks would be wearble, but I really like the gold tube and the deep red colour (obviously inspired by the darkside) Allure got a sneak preview of the actual colours, check out their "Unboxing video" below.



 Deep purple, orange/gold, shimmer red/plum, shimmer mauve, shimmer silver and nude






Silver is SPEED OF LIGHT 200

Plum  is NEMISIS

Blue is MUTANT 101

Bright Red FURY 93

Deep Red REVENGE 180

Gold/green NUCLEAR 97











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