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Review of Melissa McCarthy's new plus fashion line... spoiler alert...It's a FLOP

‎First, I want to say, I love Melissa McCarthy, she's funny, successful and gorgeous.. I love that she wants to break down barriers for plus size women, I love that she wanted to dive in to creating more options for us. I was really excited to see what she was going to bring us in her new plus fashion line. I hate to be critical of the clothes, but the line is a total flop. She took in the wrong direction. ‎ I'll tell you why. The very thing I hate about department store plus size clothing are these five things.

  • Fabrics that look cheap

  • Shapeless style ( ponchos and tights)

  • Goofy prints (wild fabrics or fabrics that belong on a 4 year old's jumper)

  • Drab, dark, colours.

  • Things I can buy anywhere ‎

Here are my beefs with 7Seven. There's nothing special or different here. There's nothing I would covet for my closet. It just mass produced and totally boring.‎ I see a lot of square shaped sweaters, over sized t- shirts with embarrassing kittie cats scrawled on them, poka dots ‎and cutesie heart prints. (prints for toddlers)

(photo of model from Pennington's website)

and slogans like, "You're doing great."

(photo of model from Pennington's website)

Thanks, I know I am.. I don't need my shirt to remind me or empower me. Is this a shirt or a therapist? I'm never going to wear a black kitty cat t-shirt.. with the phrase, "Le Meow." The prints and slogans remind me of those tacky bargain bin night shirts mom buys me for Christmas that I only wear once when she visits and toss out after three washes when they fade into wrinkled oblivion.

"Look honey, how cute, there is a kitty on the front and sparkles and snowflakes..." I put a heart print shirt on... and had flashbacks to when Mom bought school clothes for me and I knew the kids were going to eat me alive. I'm a grown woman, not a perpetual five year old. The kitties on the t-shirts made me angry...

(Above a dreaded Mommy Kitty nightshirt that reminds me of the goofy scribes on the shirts)

I tried on a burnout sleeveless tank, it looked like I was wearing a pillowcase. ‎

(photo of model from Pennington's website)

I tried on a blouse with a necktie. ‎ The affect is not flattering. My neck disappears. It's frumpy. I love showing skin, I like being sexy.

(photo of model from Pennington's website)

There's an oversized cardigan, that feels like I'm wearing a blanket.. it's shapeless like a turtle shell, grey snuggie like.

(below (photo of model from Pennington's website))

The shirts seem to have a strange, overhanging piece of fabric, like a trapdoor, meant to hide my ass.

I feel like these clothes are trying to hide me away from the world. Why do I need a long sleeve blouse that buttons up to my chin? I'm not a woman who hates my body and wants to wear a tarp! The colours on the rack are grey, black, or white. The patterns aren't unique. The jeans are nice, but, not cool enough. Just meh. Melissa told PEOPLE Magazine when the line launched, ‎“I started this line because I wanted to know: Where are the normal clothes?” ‎ I'm tired of normal. I want colour, I want beautiful patterns, I want fabrics that have a luxe feel.. I want cuts with form, I want glamour. The last thing I want is to buy another slouchy sweater with pockets.

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