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How to dress down your cocktail dress for day wear! Quick Easy Tips!

First look, a fancy Merlot dress is totally office appropriate after adding a grey knit cardigan, brown boots and a belt.

Turning Glam Cocktail Dresses into Day Wear.

I have a limited budget for fashion (although my husband will say otherwise.)

Lately I have developed an affection for delicate lace cocktail dresses. I have three right now, one black and nude lace dress by IGIGI, a nude/gold lace dress by Kiyonna, and another Merlot coloured dress by IGIGI.

It's important for me to find ways to wear these dresses (especially bridesmaid dresses) more than once.‎ It's not hard to dress them down for the office. Here are some tips.

  • Add a denim jacket, a knit cardi or leather moto jacket.

  • The jacket adds that casual look we want, plus it hides any NSFW spaghetti straps or backless areas on your dress.

  • Switch out your heels for a nice pair of flats or boots

  • Wear your hair down.

  • Add an over sized hobo bag.

  • Add a pair of opaque tights. ‎I have a lot of summer skater dresses that can double as a peplum top over tights or skinny jeans. Tip: keep the colour dark and avoid pattern. Patterned tights can have the reverse affect.

  • Skip the bling and add a belt.

  • Add a camisole underneath your dress to keep the cleavage in check.

  • I have two or three plain shell tops I will wear over a dress to make my outfit look like seperates.

  • Now I've turned 3 evening looks into numerous looks for daytime and stretched my dollar a little further.

Black lace party dress takes on a rocker edge, paired with tights, black leather jacket and a grommet belt.

This super glam shiny/embroidered lace cocktail dress looked great as day wear when mixed with a traditional blue denim jacket, boots and a belt.​

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