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Long Coats Always In Style Fall 2015/Winter2016

The cold weather has finally arrived. I'm usually the last person to acknowledge it, wearing my sandals until my tootsies freeze off. Yesterday I noticed the first fluff of flurries --the snow is coming. Luckily my favourtie type of jacket is on trend for winter 2015/16. It's time to dig through my closet for my long coats.

I always argue that full length coats and trenches are always 'in" which makes them a great investiment. Full length coats are often great for more than one season. When they fall out of favour they can be tucked away for a few seasons until, low and behold they are back in! These coats are great for the busy gal on the run. You can throw them on over crappy clothes and run to the grocery store all the while looking put together. They look great with tights, skirts, dresses and jeans. Luckily plus-size stores have offerings on trend. I'm looking at you Elloquii and Modcloth. Thanks!

Our first example is the classic camel coat. Here we have Jessica Chastain wearing two very similar jackets. One image is from 2013 and one is current. Like I said...these jackets don't go out of style. (I had one for years and literally wore the cuffs right off!) I found mine at a second hand store. Jacket below and right from Elloquii. Also some coats from Modcloth.


Pink and baby blue trench coats are also still in style. Princess Kate has been wearing them since early 2015 and the entire Kardasian clan has been sporting these jackets since 2013 and continue to wear them this fall. Blue duster coats also graced the fall/winter runways and will continue to look fresh into spring 2016.



Long pink coats look great and also can be wore season to season. The colour can range from bright berry pink to pastel pink. Kate Hudson is wearing a pale pink trench and Miranda Kerr in a blush pink duster.

ELLOQUII $189.90



Sherlock Holmes Jackets

in slate grey, plaid or houndstooth in muted colours. Seen here Gemma Arterton and Victoria Beckham.


For the risk taking fashionista. Try Amal Clooney's Teal coat. Modcloth Bliss Coat in Teal.

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