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Beautiful Blue..two inexpensive dresses that are perfect for the office.

Annie and my Mom purchased these two beautiful little dresses from Torrid for me for Christmas

( totally early, I know)

I'll tell you why I love them.

1. The colour is beautiful and blue is so elegant

2. The fabric is stretchy, soft and comfortable.

3. The skirts are flirty and have a panel in the front that hides my trouble tummy area.

4. The length is appropriate for work

* Tip, I would totally invest in two tank tops, one in white and one in black. both colours work well with these dresses..but you will need one, the neckline has a very deep V.... that much boobage is not appropriate for an office setting.

To keep the dresses causual for work, wear tights and boots and add a belt. For evening, lose the tights, add a quick pair of heels and a jazzy necklace... done!

The first dress is called the Butterfly Faux Wrap Dress for $54.50 and you can purchase it online at

You can also track it down at various Torrid stores in the GTA.


220 Yonge St,

Toronto, ON M5B 2H1


300 Borough Drive, Space # 85


1 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Space # 510B

Vaughan, ON L4K 5W4


7600 Yonge St, Space # D16B

Newmarket, ON L3Y 4Z1

I usually hit the downtown location at the the Eaton's Centre...but be wary, the Christmas shoppers are out in full force and are starting to pick over the stock. There wasn't a heck of a lot left in my size the last time I paid a visit and the store was packed. ( on a positive note, they appear to get shipments of new stock in all the time.) I would make my purchases online.... ( malls this time of year stress me out)

Another dress I like is the one (below) that sis and Mom found in-store and doesn't appear to be available on-line, and since it was a gift, I don't really know the exact price. It's a very similar cut to the butterfly dress, except the colour is more of a royal blue. I wear it to work with a little Torrid knit cardi, and a really loud, blingy statement necklace. I'm guessing this dress was around the same price as the one above.

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