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Melissa McCarthy Red Carpet Misses

Melissia McCarthy might be a designer of her own clothing line..but I’m not a fan. It reminds me a lot of the clothes that hung in the old Zellers stores. Lots of ill-fitting frump with too much fabric. These types of styles are meant to hide the figure, instead of accentuating the positive. The only difference between the old Zellers clothes and McCarthy’s line..McCarthy sells at much higher prices. If she really is a designer…I fail to see the anything stylish anywhere. Have you seen the red carpet outfits she wore in the last month? Clearly she needs to hire a stylist.

Some simple rules for looking awesome.

Wear clothes that fit.

Show a bit of skin to emphasize your best features.

Golden Globes Outfit

I sat on the fence about this outfit for a few minutes. She did go for a V-neck which was a big improvement from past outfits. That being said, the dress still seems too big for her frame and just has too much fabric. The fabric is flashy but more in a vegas showgirl sort of way, not classy enough for the Golden Globes. What is the necklace emphasing? Not much.

How to fix this dress. Shorten the sleeves to cap or 3/4 length, bring up the hemline to the knee to show off Melissa's legs and great shoes. Shorten the necklace to rest in the dress neckline or simply get rid of the necklace. The dress is flashy without the extra bling.

21st Annual Critic’s Choice Awards

This dress would have been 100 times better without the strange scarf. It doesn’t do a thing for this dress. It is hanging in the front for no good reason and looks like it was pinned there. Why?

Again McCarthy hides her entire body with full sleeves and a skirt that drops right to the floor. The pattern and colour of the dress reminds me of some 70s curtains in a run-down strip motel. How to fix this dress. Shorten the sleeves 3/4 length, space the scarf, open up the neckline. Instead of the wacky colour and pattern go for a nice bright all over colour. Shorten that hem to the knee.

What I’d love to see her in

-cap sleeves.

-open necklines

-belts or details that draw emphasis to the smallest part of the waist.

-wrap dresses

-black and white

-metallic with pattern

-bright all-over colour

-skirts that hit at the knee


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