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Tess Holliday's new line for Pennington's..I hope it doesn't disappoint.

I gotta say, I'm very excited about the news that Tess Holliday is designing a plus line, but I'm also a little apprehensive, considering it will be launched with Pennington's.

As plus stores go, I have always found Pennington's clothing to be the most like "mom," wear.

If this has changed, I'd be happy to be corrected.

The last time I seriously shopped at Penn's was around 4 years ago and the experience was dismal. The blouses had no style and the patterns were they were sewn together from recycled leftover ends from a table cloth manufacturer.

Annie came with me, and every time I came out of the dressing room, we buckled over with peals of laughter. ‎ I just needed a pair of over sized clown shoes to complete the look.

It was the store that sold clothes to a little old lady who like "pretty flowers." In my mind it has always been Addition Elle's less stylish discount sister.

Enter the Melissa McCarthy line for Pennington's. The clothing line wasn't fashion forward, it was over-priced, and to put it quite bluntly... mass produced crap.

"You have no sense of style or fashion... No, no. That wasn't a question."

Melissa, god love her, has no sense of style. It's painfully obvious when she walks the runway wearing dresses that look like mucus launched into a kleenex.

I find it patronizing that a person like this would slap her name on a garment and expect me to shell out for it. Just because she's plus and famous doesn't mean she should be designing clothes. Ok? (Below) WTF is this?

Let's talk about a celebrity success:

Celebrity actress, turned stylist, Rebel Wilson impressed the hell out of me. Her line was a little pricey, but the quality was there and so was the style. I have gotten so many compliments on the varsity jacket and the suede jacket, the praise alone was worth the price I paid for the two pieces. They are staples that I can wear with anything and I will continue to wear for years to come. I'm going to wear the hell out of that suede jacket.

The line was modern, well thought out, and branding it with Torrid was a fashion match made in heaven.

Now Tess Holliday.


Tess is so incredibly kick-ass, edgy and beautiful. I expect a lot from her. I expect tulle,lace and leather and shirts with tatt design sleeves, I want to see the clothes of a vintage vixen sex goddess, ‎I want femme fatale. I hope to god I don't get a square cut leather skirt and a kitty print t-shirt. Having Tess sign up with the Pennington's Brand is just an odd pairing.

I hope upon hope, it doesn't disappoint.


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