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Best Red Carpet Hits...and Misses

As a fashion blogger, I love to watch the red carpet. What are the celebrities wearing? Who is most fashion forward and fearless? Who looks amazing? Being a plus-size hollywood star is no easy task they are usually not the favourite figure of high-end fashion designers. That being said, some stars pull together some kick-ass outfits. Some aren’t so lucky. Here are some hits and misses from the last few months.


Mindy Kaling on the Tonight Show

I’m loving this dress on Mindy. It’s super sexy and amazing. This David Koma dress balances her curvy figure well. Lots of bling and texture in the bodice adds volume to the bust and black side panels and skirt give her a fantastic hourglass shape. If you are wearing black and white or in this case black and metallics. Don’t be afraid of a bit of well placed texture.

Rebel Wilson at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Award

This is another great dress. I love what Rebel Wilson wears. She isn't afraid to try new things and has a good eye to what works on her body. This sparkley beaded dress has a flattering neckline which narrows her shoulders and draws attention to the bustline. Red carpet glamour no jewelry required.

Octavia Spencer at the Creed Premiere

I wear outfits like this all the time. You can't mess with a little black leather jacket to tie an outfit together. The soft leather of the jacket, clutch purse and shoes add lots of interesting texture to a black and white outfit. Again, have fun with texture if wearing black and white. Also, if you are a plus size lady, don't be afraid of big earrings they look fantastic on us. Octavia rocks large hoops with this outfit.


Melissa McCarthy, People's Choice Awards

We hate to always pick on Melissa but she's gone full frumpy once again. The most important tip for a plus size women is to wear clothes that fit. You don't want to wear a dress that's too big or isn't tailored perfectly. You want something that flatters the best parts of you. McCarthy successfully covers her entire body in a pink silky tent with sleeves that remind me a bit of a puffy pirate blouse. It also has a boring square neckline and a bottom that looks like a pillowcase. She's completely drowning in all of that extra fabric. I think the colour suits her complexion but the bad tailoring ruins it for me. This just seems too casual for a hollywood red carpet. Might be ok for a Sunday afternoon coffee with friends.......or as silky pajamas.


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