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Like this? Wear That!

I'm pretty excited about next week. Monday, a big haul of clothes is coming for me from ASOS Curve in the UK. I'll report back to you on the sizing and the quality of the clothes. One thing I love about ASOS curve is the dresses look like they just walked off the Red Carpet. The prices were pretty reasonable too. Many dresses were on sale and prices varied from $45 to $100 Canadian. Obviously, the more elabroate the dress, the more costly it was, but I failed to find a single dress over the price of $250, considering the carry everything from casual dresses to evening gowns, I thought that price was pretty fair. Why did I order from a UK chain? With the current state of the Canadian dollar, it was still cheaper for me to order from Europe, then it was for me to order from the States. The exchange rate with the US right now is god awful. When you order from the UK, you WILL get dinged for taxes and duties. I think the duties worked out to $160 dollars for 7 items. Even with that was still a bargain.

In this month's addition of Like This? Wear That! I've taken a few of my favourite looks from the Red Carpet and paired it with a nice, valuable alternative from ASOS curve and local TO boutiques.

To shop ASOS CURVE click here

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