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Spring Runway lip colour

Spring runways seem to be favouring a wide array of colours. Pretty pinks, corals, candy-apple red, deep wine are the trends. The look is velvet. The ombre lip is also on trend but it isn't the brown/beige shiny lipgloss look from the early 2000s. The new gradient lip still has a darker lip-line to create contrast but is filled with matte pinks, corals and reds in bright hues. Go for something bold and playful. The matte Kylie Jenner neutral pink lips are looking a bit dated and cheap. Ok...they always looked cheap. I really like to add a touch of gold shine in the middle lower lip. The shine can be achieved with a hint of gold power or cream luminizer. Ombre lipcolour can also make your pout look much larger. Remember to blend out any harsh lines with a lip brush for a more natural controur. Wearing a bright lipstick during the day is my other favourite look. How to master this look? Just wear the lipstick and a bit of mascara.

IN corals, pinks, candy apple, wine

IN Ombre Lips in Vibrant colours

IN Ombre Lips in pale pink

OUT Kylie Jenner Matte lips

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