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High Fashion runway models and their so-called "healthy lifestyle."

Annie and I ranted about this on Facebook. Cheryl Teigs was once the spokesperson for a brand of cigarettes and has the nerve to come forward and call our favourite plus size model, Ashley Graham, unhealthy. Cheryl also slammed the SI cover saying it promotes a unhealthy lifestyle. Worse yet, she quotes medical hack, Doctor Oz, as her source.

Here's a reminder of what product Cheryl used to represent. Look at the pearly white smile and the cigarette wedged between her finger tips. She fills me with rage. I'm seeing loved ones passing away from lung cancer because they smoked their wholes lives.....but Cheryl points her boney finger at plus size women, blames them for a unhealthy society ... but shilling for death sticks ..well..that's ok.

And let's discuss the healthy lifestyle of modelling. I've been reading some very indepth articles that offer tips on how models shrink their size to 0 for fashion shoots. It's a very unhealthy cocktail of cigarettes, daily colonics, laxatives and pills..not to mention meal plans that consist of a 500 calorie a day intake, ( the equivilant of a Snicker's bar) Read the tale of model Kira Dikhtyar CLICK HERE

A former Vogue editor told the Guardian that models ate so little, that it wasn't suprising that they would show up to photo shoots with scabbed knees from passing out. She recalled one model thinking it was normal to passout everyday. Kirstie Clements, former Editor of Vogue Australia told the Guardian that most models survive on cigarettes and diet coke. Regular size models would stop eating to become that iconic "Paris thin," to land international runway shows. Can you believe some would even resort to eating toilet paper when they couldn't take the hunger? Some even had their breasts reduced to look like prepubescent boys.

Let's get back to Cheryl and her healthy lifestyle: In her book, The Way to Natural Beauty, which became a hot seller among young women in 1980. Tiegs offered a variety of dieting tips, Weight yourself every morning, if you've gained a pound, cut back on your food intake. …. When I need to drop a pound in a big hurry, I skip dinner, breakfast, and lunch the next day. She won't eat again until the following day, and then she has a "small" dinner.

Great advice eh? Basically, ride the scale and skip meals to stay thin, skip meals for DAYS to stay thin.

How refreshing it is to see Ashley Gramham strutting her stuff on the Red Carpet for Sports Illustrated this week. Her photos were everywhere..and my eyes, she looked normal, she looked beautiful. Would this have happened 10 years ago? Never! I love the fact that the image of beauty IS changing.

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