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Florals for shattering

I know they made fun of the idea of Spring Florals in the Devil Wear's Prada, and I know women fear floral clothes because they seem old fashioned, like Grandma's ditzy print blouses.

But, after a cold winter, I almost need to wear them, it brightens my mood. I start decorating the house with flowers as soon as the tulips start sprouting outside. I'm already planning my balcony garden. Florals migrate into my fashion choices too.

I'm never going to be that girl with giant sunflowers and pineapples patterns all over her skirt. I don't need to scream to I am.

I prefer florals that are muted like a water colour painting, or florals that are screened with mesh, or are designed into a vintage look. Remember the dress isn't wearing you, you're wearing the dress!

I like how this bodyCon dress from Torrid is covered with a black mesh, it tones the print down, just a tiny bit and makes this dress super sexy.

Another Torrid dress. I like how the skirt is broken up by the black panels here and how a mesh overlay tones down the bodice. It's beautiful and romantic but isn't too much.

Below is the Ava dress by Pinup Girl Clothing. I love a floral dress in a vintage cut and this dress just screams Mad Men. It would look stunning most body types because it's a wrap dress. I've never really been a fan of satin, but i think the draping would be forgiving.

I would buy the dress below in a minute. It would be perfect for a garden party, bridal shower, wedding reception. I love the watercolour print and I think it looks breezy and comfortable. It's also a vintage look, but it's more Betty from Mad Men and less Peggy.

Coachella just wrapped up and boho fashion is everywhere right now, which is probably why I gravitated to this simple crisp white dress with floral embroidery (below). I would wear this dress to death with a denim jacket and a pair of white cotton shoes or sandals. You can find this dress at ASOS Curve online.

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