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Review of Maybelline New York, The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

I realize I haven't done a make-up look in a while. I've been pretty sick with some kind of ugly flu, going on a month now, and I'm just starting to feel better. Annie caught it too and it infected my entire family. I feel pretty bad about it..I was basically the monkey from Outbreak...

Anyway, back to the make-up look. I wanted to try something softer for spring. I really liked the Maybelline New York Rock Nudes, so I decided to try the Blushed Nudes palette. I bought it at the Guardian for around $15 bucks.

I really liked this one, the colours have a beautiful rose gold sheen and blend together without much effort. It's pretty impossible to screw up any eye look with this palette, as long as you remember to basic rule to keep the darker colours to the edge and crease. If you have green eyes or hazel eyes, the plum colour will really make the green colour pop.

For this look I used the light dusty pink on the lid, marked #1 then blended #2 towards the outside edge of the lid. I blended #3 into the the outside edge and into the crease. I soften the crease and brow area with the soft white #4

Then added black liquid eyeliner and black mascara ( three coats)

I actually added a little of colour #2 to the top of my lipstick. I liked how it looked! (lipstick was a mid range plum)

Packaging and colours.

PS if you like my manicure, ( i was inspired by the eyeshadow set) I just painted one coat of nail polish and dipped it in craft glitter while it was still wet. Voila!

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