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Contouring a round face using the Nyx Contour Palette

Decided to do one look with the NYX Contour palette. It's a great little kit if you don't want to blow a ton of cash at Sephora. I picked this kit up at Shopper's Drugmart in the Eaton's Centre for $28.00

( On the top row ) I used the the third, yellow tinted ,colour for highlights.

(on the Bottom row) I used the chocolate colour directly beneath the highlight colour ... as the contour colour..


I tapped into the dark chocolate for the eye shadow crease and to line my eyes. ( Bottom row far right)


The first and brightest white colour in this palette on the has a lot of shimmer. I dotted this on the brow bones, the centre of my eye lids and to highlight my cheek bones.

ok.. (above) here I am. Rolled out of bed. No make-up, but my face is moisturized. I like to use a skin tightening serum like Neostrata Firmalift. I'm in my mid thirties my face is starting to droop in areas I wish it wouldn't. When contouring, it's really important to keep your face hydrated. Dry skin will catch the powder and leave a mark.. Also, make sure your face is completely dry before you start. Any wetness will cause the power to clump and give you a weird result. If you have a tinted moisturizer or a foundation that matches your skin tone, use it here. Make sure your skin tone is even, I suggest also dotting concealer on your eyelids as well. Just make sure the skin is soft, dry and primed.

This next step scares the crap out of my husband.... I draw all the lines on my face in brown shadow that I want to make look thinner and I apply the light colour to the the areas of my face I want be prominent. I like to pretend I'm sculpting with clay. The result is pretty when Deadpool takes his mask off. Yikes...freak show...

Then you need to blend the heck out of this. I like to use a really good blending sponge or my own fingers.

Now we're blended out...time to finish the look! I used a pink lips stick and dotted it on my lips ( take a nude lip liner and draw along the outside of your lip line to make them look a little poutier) and I also used the lipstick on my cheeks as a blush. For the eyes, I added black eyeliner and mascara and smudged the lower lash line with the chocolate brown powder in the palette. I used a medium brown shade to fill out my brows.

Done Voila! The focus has been taken off my round chipmunk cheeks and is now focused on my eyes. The nose appears thinner as well.

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