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Swim Suits for Apple Shapes

I went shopping for the dreaded swimsuit on Friday, and it really was a difficult task. I have the apple shape, round in the tummy area, large chest, skinny legs.

I didn't go into the store on a mission. I was nervous enough and I didn't want to feel stress. My husband came with me and assumed the chair in the Torrid dressing room, ready to give me moral support.

I pulled maybe six or seven suits. A few one pieces with brief bottoms, a tankini, two modest bikini's with frilly skirts and a one piece with a peephole and a frilly bottom.

I know everyone is rocking the plus size bikini but, I must say, the design is not for me...I felt naked standing in front of the mirror with my white skin showing and yes, a scar from my appendix surgery.

( Swimsuit shopping is a very personal will not see pictures of the fail list.. sorry)

I peeked out of the change room and showed my husband and he laughed... "Well if you want to take on Quint in the scar scene from jaws...that is your suit, keep trying hunny."

The two piece was a no..I'm not ready for that yet..but maybe someday, when I garner enough courage. In all honesty, trying on a bathing suit was pretty incredible for me. I've had it drilled into my head for so long that I was too obese to go to the beach, for years I would pop into the water at dusk, hidden behind a T-shirt and shorts.

I tried on another suit, that had crazy straps in the back and I never did figure out how it was suppose to look. I thought if it was this much of a pain in the ass to put on in the change room, it would stay on a hanger in my closet forever.

The one piece bathing suit with the brief bottoms looked "ok" but I didn't want to just look "ok." Something about them reminded me of granny panties and they highlight the area I don't want to be highlighted. I didn't want to look like an odd shaped egg with breasts..

I loved the tankini. A two piece with a full coverage bottom and an obvious tank top. It was flattering, covered up my trouble spots and had sturdy straps. I wished it had a little more support up top, but it got the thumbs up from my husband so I set it aside. It was a definite maybe.

The last suit ( why is it always the last one you try on?) was the best of the bunch. This suit from Torrid was navy blue with a white poka dot ( skull print)

It had a younger look to it. I liked the keyhole in the bust and I liked that the suit acknowledged that I had boobs and might want to show them off.

The bottom of the skirt had a nice tri-ruffle effect that covered my tummy and there was some slight ruching. The pattern disguised any other imperfections I might have. ( The suit has hidden tummy control) It looks great but you may have to place some limbo music to get it on.

The suit had straps that crisscrossed in the back. Thank god it wasn't a halter top, nothing is worse then have the weight of a large chest pulling down on my neck all day.

Here's the suit I chose.

Here I am wearing the suit for you to compare. This suit was a size 3 at Torrid. The size two fit me as well, but the bust was too small. I took this picture at the beach for was 15 degrees and I was freezing my butt off...but I did for you guys...see how much of a trooper I am for fashion?

Some other styles I would recommend for apple shapes

Tankini's are great. They really are..and they're becoming more interesting! I love the ruffle variety.

Green Tankini. available at Torrid (Above) Black crochet Tankini (Below) available at Lane Bryant.

(Below), Red swim-dress with skirt available at Torrid. (only exclusive only)

I would also try something with a deep V..... in a dark colour to draw the eye up. Ashley Graham just released a line of swim wear with Swimsuits for all and they are sexy as hell. (BelowI

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