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My Beauty Role Model

Everyone has a picture in their mind..that image of what they consider true beauty. For some of us it's a pop star, or a super model or an actor.

My image has always been my mother.

( Below Two photos of my Mom Lorrie when was she was a teenager)

My picture:

It's 1989, she's getting ready to go out to a party with Dad. She's wearing a red blouse, brushing her long chestnut hair and donning a lipstick in a shocking shade of crimson.

She was far prettier then anything I would see in a magazine. She isn't perfect beauty..she's real beauty. Beautiful people have always seemed cold and plastic to me. But my Mom's beauty comes from the kindness in her eyes. She laughs a lot and it's a glass shattering cackle. To me it's like music.

( Above My Mom on her Wedding day)

There's a beauty in how hard she works at her business. There's a beauty in how hard she's worked her entire life. She's always been an equal contributor to our household.. she wouldn't have it any other way. By no means has she ever been a fragile gem kept under-glass and pandered too with shopping allowances and ridiculous hobbies. She has never demanded to be the centre of attention.

She's present, she works as hard as hell, she never gives up, she doesn't give two shits what people say or think about her. ‎She lives by her own rules. She's raised two fiercely independent, feminist, confident daughters.

Could there be anything more perfect as a role model?

( Annie and I today)

Even though she is physically beautiful, she doesn't even know it. ( Below a pic of my mom from last week)

She worries about how she's aged, and how she's put on extra weight. ‎Her feet and legs are swollen from standing on cement floors over 10 hours a day for 17 years. Yes, a working woman in an apron, hair tethered in an elastic band and cloaked in a hair net, is not her most becoming look. This is the only version of herself that she sees. This version of her is awesome. It's a portrait of strength and determination.

I did her make-up this week, found a pretty dress in my closet in one of her favourite colours, I just wanted to show her how pretty she still is as she approaches her 60th birthday.

She looks like she could be my sister! Damn her!

Xoxoxo Love ya Mom!

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