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( Above Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish in All Fired Up $6.99. Detail of ASOS curve lace dress listed below) Moroccan Lantern Pier One Imports $34. Candle...Beach Wood by Yankee Candle...purchased at the Chart Shop in Tobermory.

I tend to dwell in a gloomy headspace ..It forces me to think of my happy place, my obvious happy place is home.

(Below, Annie at Little Cove)

Lying in bed I close my eyes and I can hear the waves crashing against the rocks in Little Cove, I can picture myself walking barefoot on the beach in Oliphant and scrunching my toes in the wet sand. I carry a tiny jar with me at all times, filled with same sand. It's a goofy little good luck charm.. it reminds me to not forget where I came from. I take it out of my purse on the subway and shake the sand inside...try to think of the beach from which it came.

My most vivid memories are about emotions ..they drift back to me like colours in paintings. Yesterday, just the way the humid breeze swept through my hair took me back to when I was small and I laid in the meadow behind Grandpa's house, just looking up at the blue sky and the clouds, changing shape, pulling apart in same humid breeze...I was completely hidden in the pink and purple clover, milkweed and daisies.

Now the field is filled with sweet buttery smell of canola and the chartreuse blooms framed by nothing but blue sky.

This month I caught myself buying paper flowers and twine for my hair, and things I wouldn't normally wear.... things that were delicate and pretty and made me smile... bright pink nail polish the colour of Grandma's peonies, a dress that was a mix of blue and turquoise like the waves in Georgian Bay... subconsciously.... the silly insignificant choices I made, had real meaning. A connection to my happy place.

( Below Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Mad Woman)

(Above) the fire coloured delicate blooms of Painted Cup (Indian Paintbrush) that grows in the sand around my home. Inspiration for (below) Wildflower head piece by ASOS Curve Paper Flower hair vine. $17

(below) L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Palette in Ruby , I especially love the darkest wine colour on the left..drama!

(Below) Asos Curve Peony Wedding Hair Garland, $17

Pretty simple little headband, silk flowers attached to a covered floral wire.

AX Paris Plus Swing Dress With Lace Sleeves - Wine / UK Size 24 PRICE: 57.61

I adjusted the neckline on this dress, sewing in a v-neck with a little black lace I picked up at a fabric shop on queen street. If a dress has a good cut, little alterations can make them perfect.

Pictured below in the meadow behind my family home in Oliphant.

Below: X Paris Plus Top In Scarf Print With Zip Front - Multi / UK Size 24 Price 32.92 ...behind me Colpoy's Bay, near Mallory Beach.

( Above Golden wheat growing near the Ferndale Flats) Below golden embroidered dress.

Alice & You Long Sleeve Skater Dress With Paisley Embroidery - Black / UK SIZE 24 PRICE 102.87 ( Behind me, secluded harbour Tobermory Ontario)

Inspired by the blues of Georgian Bay (blue/white and turquoise) Geo Print Lattice Back dress by Torrid purchased at the Eaton's Centre. Size 3 Price $70.50

Same dress on me, early morning at Little Cove, Tobermory Ontario. The day was super hot and humid and this dress is as light as air.

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