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Tess Holliday's Fall Line for Pennington's.... Staple pieces you can't live without.

She's a new mother, a plus-size super model, body positive activist, and a fashion designer, and its clear that nothing is holding Tess Holliday back. She cheerfully met her Toronto fans to unveil her new fall line. She had just flown into town with her husband and new baby, and confided to me she had only had a few scant hours of sleep and even under those circumstances, she was utter perfection. During our brief chat, I kept staring at her skin and thinking how impossibly flawless it was.

Some fans had been waiting outside for hours in hopes of catching a glimpse of Tess, whose trailblazing modelling career has smashed through the walls of the fashion industry and who coined the inspirational phrase #effyourbeautystandards.

(Above, photo of Tess Holliday at the Pennington's event from her Facebook Page. Hair by @justinggg Makeup by @juliecussonmakeupartist)

When the girls rushed up to meet her, she embraced them with the warmth of seeing an old friend. It was clear how much Tess had inspired them.

Photo of Tess Holliday chilling with her family in this week's edition of People Magazine

( Below, Tess Holliday and I at the Warden Pennington's location. Tess is wearing a tunic from her collection. Short Sleeve Tunic with Slits $60.00 She told me she had worn the shirt on the plane here and it was super comfortable. ( comfort..and style..who knew?)

A few months back I wrote a blog about how I was worried that Tess' line with Pennington's wouldn't have the cool edge that she's known for. I suppose it's time I eat a little crow. I'm thrilled to announce that though, not as edgy as I anticipated, the line is solid and has just enough detail to make it feel fresh and modern. I tried on a few items today, and deciding what to buy was a real struggle because I liked everything. I settled on the black sheath dress with a side slit and studded detail and a army green cropped jacket with matching detail. At first I wasn't sure about the green, but the combo is a winner.

The prices are average for designer lines, $35- $100. Tess's clothes are constructed out of a higher quality fabric then most. As I have said before, I don't mind paying more for clothing that will last. The dress fabric is soft and has a bit of stretch, but its also durable, same with the jacket, solid construction. The clothing has the right cuts to flatter a plus-size women's body, but the attention to detail also makes the clothing unique. There's a black shell sleeveless tank top with fringe, leather look scuba leggings, basic black dresses with a splash of studs for detail. There's a basic black jacket with a straight cut, and leather-like accents that I loved so much. I may have to run back to the store to get it, it's the kind of jacket you would wear forever. It would look sleek with suits for work, would dress up a LBD and would look totally bad ass with a rocker tee and leggings. (yup..should have bought it..what the hell was I thinking?)

Tess Holiday Cropped studded jacket in Grape Leaf $90.00 and Tess Holiday's 3/4 sleeve dress with studded trim. Perfect for work. Extremely comfortable

Some of my favourite pieces available at Pennington's and Nordstroms

Tess Holliday - Sleeveless Studded Dress $85.00

( Below view of the detail)

(below) Tess Holliday - Long Jacket with Faux-Leather Trim $90.00

Modern take on a pretty dress... Tess Holliday - Sleeveless Printed Asymmetric Maxi Dress $95.00

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