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Forget the tubes....this lipstick palette is all you'll ever need.

(colours from left to right) Studded, Safe Word, Vanity Kills, 714, Big Bang, Speedball, Firebird, Disturbed

I hate how much space tubes of lipstick take up in my make-up case. I never need that much lipstick but I love having a variety of colours. The Urban Decay Vice Lip Palettes are amazing. The shades are wearable and blendable and on trend. I like every colour in the palette, I purchased Junkie. The other palette Blackmail is a little more wearable, but these colours are more fun. I even like the green colour. I actually use it as an eye primer for when I apply greenish eyeshadow to make my eyelids pop. I believe I spent around $45 for this at Sephora. They are extremely popular and are selling out fast, snap one up as soon as you can.

Kit also comes with a great precision brush and a big mirror.

I find swatches on arms pretty useless in deciding what lipstick shades actually look like, so I painted it on for you.

Urban Decay Junky. This is a crazy deep bluish green. I primed my lips first and the colour became more blue-like. It looks more deep green when applied to bare lips.

Not really a wearable colour. It's the only one in the kit that didn't work for me.

COLOUR BIG BANG..Glossy Purple Pink..Very pretty.

Studded, Metallic Grey Brown...a very cool neutral lipstick. Great for work or toned down looks. Another colour in the palette called Carnal is a touch warmer then this shade and another neutral colour called Safe Word sits between Studded and Carnal. There are nude shade galore.

Carnal (left) Safe Word (right)

Disturbed..a deep brick red..harkens back to the 90's shades

Vanity Kills... Matte Lavender

714 right red [with a Mega Matte finish) There are two other reds in the kit.

Wrath is a metallic red and Firebird a redish/pink with a sparkle finish.

Whip.. a neutral pink with shimmer..a slightly tinted gloss

Speed Ball: Vibrant deep purple with a glossy finish

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