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Spring Dresses from Eloquii

I love Eloquii. The fashion is young, fresh and trendy. Our look book for Spring 2017 features some of our favourite pieces from Eloquii including bold florals, and bright yellow and pink. We also love the detail of the lace dresses. This year's looks were shot in downtown Kitchener. The city is going through a revival, but there are still many sections that harken back to the forgotten era of yesteryear.

I am a size 22, my shape is apple and I'm 5,6"

Hope this helps if you're looking to pick these inexpensive looks up for yourself.


( Above Detail of Eloquii Striped Lace Flare Sleeve DressI TEM# 1244039$ 119.90

Pearl-Like & Gem Necklace $35.00..Le Chateau.. Gem stretch Bracelet Le Chateau $35.00 Photo taken in downtown Kitchener Diner, Slices.

(above product shot of Let Chateau Gem stretch bracelet)

(Below) Full view of the same dress. Photo taken near the Google Headquarters, at the old Lang Tannery Building.

Product shot/Detail from Eloquii.


(Below) Pink is one of the "IT" colours for Spring. I love this bubble gum pink lace dress. Eloquii Studio Layered Circular Eyelet Dress $125.91

This dress originally came with a three ruffle layer skirt... but because of my lack of height the dress looked frumpy. I had the bottom layer removed to show off my legs. Remember, sometimes it's best to order something you love and have adjustments made. I added a leather studded jacket by Addition Elle, and black leather look tights from Torrid. The dress is so sugary sweet, it looks great to mix it with something opposite like leather. Sunglasses Ray Ban. I made the necklace with some beads from the Micheal's craft store, using turquoise glass.


I'm afraid of it too. How do you wear it and not look like a flashing caution light? I decided to mix yellow with another big trend, a bold floral. I had to take the hem of the dress up a few inches because it was designed for a much taller person, but I love the end result.

Classic Moto Jacket in Yellow $139.90 ( This is a deep egg yolk yellow)

Printed Dress with Ruffle Trim $124.90

Sunglasses, Ray Ban.

Black Obi leather belt..vintage IGIGI.

Product shots of the dress and jacket as seen on the website.

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