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Review, Prabal Gurung's new Line for Lane Bryant.. Cool Girl Clothes

If you took in Prabel's Autumn 2016 runway show, it's evident he loves women and mixes feminist politics with fashion. The models in the show wore T-shirts emblazoned with the bold phrases such as "Our minds, our bodies, our power." The collection was inspired by the women in his life and it wasn't a departure to see him create a line for Lane Bryant.

You may have heard of him in the news lately, Faye Dunaway was wearing one of his creations, a white, long sleeve dress with shoulder cutouts during the now infamous Best Picture Oscar snafu....

He's clothed some of the world's most inspirational women, Kate Middleton, Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Lady Gaga...and now he's going to design for us!

Now, what kind of girl is going to wear Prabal's new collection? She's a modern trendsetter with the dangerous curves of Ashley Graham's body, after all she was his muse.

At first glance there are pieces I love, I want to run and dig out my credit card asap and start charging. This collection feel like something unique that will be gone in mere clicks of a mouse.

( Below are four of my favourite looks) A modern sweater with cold shoulder detailing, a colour block dress that's effortless chic, a bombshell sexy blouse and pencil skirt combo and a striped dress that has a sheer shoulder insets and pockets.

These are cool girl clothes. The tone in the collection sticks to primary colours, black, red, white and grey. For most of us , the dresses will be the easiest styles to wear.

For what you're getting the prices are reasonable.. right now, I doubt I could find anything on the market with this type of detailing between a price range of $120-250 dollars Canadian.

In my opinion Prabal is still learning the complexities of dressing the plus female body. A clothing line based on the hourglass figure of Ashley Graham won't work for all of us, and that's where I find myself slightly disappointed. Two pieces in the collection that I abhor are a large pouffy floral circle skirt and a pair of cropped sailor pants. These are not the best cuts for anyone who finds themselves without a tiny Jessica Rabbit waist or a protruding tummy. The model wearing the pants looks tortured.

That being said.... I love this line, aside from the pants...I want it all!


( Below) Cold Shoulder Sweater $137.00 CAN

(Below) Colourblock fit and flare dress 194.00 Canadian

Lace up Pencil Skirt $137.00 with Black and floral blouse $123.00

(Below) Striped Wrap Dress $194.00 CAN


******Cropped sailor pants $123.00 will be on my hells no list...

I do love a loud floral pattern but the circle skirt has too much volume and is extremely long... It would suit a pear shaped woman best, and she'd also have to have the height to carry it off.

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