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Looks we loved: Torrid Spring 2018 collection NY Fashion Week

Torrid knows what we like. We want clothes that have detail and that look vintage. We want our skinny friends to gasp and ask us "where" we got that jacket, or those ripped embroidered jeans, or those amazing boots. Torrid's focus has always been on "pieces" that we covet and collect and its admirers are spreading like contagion in the fashion blogosphere. I have a closet full of Torrid vintage jackets, each one is unique, and it looks like I have worn it for years and they all look expensive, even though they didn't cost me a month's rent. Their clothing has a luxe image without the upscale price, something other plus size retailers are just starting to realize. We don't want to wear bigger knock-off versions of clothes we love. We want unique offerings made especially for us.

( behind the scenes NYFW photo credit Torrid)

The Spring Collection, said one thing, women aren't one dimensional and their many facets are reflected in their clothes. They can be both sweet, and punk. There was a great mix of super soft flowery dresses, mixed with vintage/ trendy, adorned leather-look jackets.

LOOK ONE: The opening act:

The first outfit down the runway got our attention right away. A Leather/like graffiti adorned jacket reminisce of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and white lace peekaboo dress...we love an excuse to show our stems!

A sweet little dress paired with combat boots? Why not!

We need this jacket in our closet..I can't believe I have to wait until January 2018! We love that the jacket is playful, without being hokey. Sometimes....the wording on clothes is total lamesville...especially in plus lines... but this steers clear.

OUR SECOND LOOK WE LOVE: The peachy pastel chiffon skater dress and fitted moto jacket with embroidery and a serious looking stud and grommet belt. The dress is that colour that looks great on everybody, it will warm up your skin, bring out your natural glow and show off a golden tan. Skater dresses are fun and flirty, and versatile. The jacket gives it a bit of a edge and takes it out of "prom dress territory." Styled like this, someone over the age of 25 could pull it off.

Did we mention how beautiful this jacket is from the back? A delicate heron borrowed from an oriental rice paper painting.

THIRD LOOK WE LOVE: This line is cohesive, a constant parade of cool jackets and swooshy skirts, and a touch of skin. Here's another ensemble in the same vein as the others. A denim jacket this time, with boho vintage embroidery, a leather-look bra-lette with lace overlay and again combat boots. The edge tempers the saccharine skirt.

( Jacket from the back, gold and wine embroidery detail) Like something i stole from my mother's 1970's keepsakes....


Delicate, detailed, breezy, angelic. Reminds us of a modern take on a victorian dressing gown and Vintage Lingerie Peignoir sets.

Check out all the looks from the NYFW show below! Which girl are you?

(Photo credit Torrid)

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