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Faux Leather Sleeve Long Military Coat. A+++

I know it doesn't feel like winter yet and as we write this blog, it's a hot and humid October Thanksgiving weekend in Toronto. People are literally wearing shorts right now, it's weird. It's also good for those of us who forgot winter might actually happen. Stores are still full of a great selection of winter stock and some great coats and jackets. At one point, the snow is going to fly and we're going to be ready! ( But seriously, look at how green Jay's lawn is right now's crazy)

We set out to look for a coat that's flattering and universal. Torrid's Faux leather sleeve military jacket was our fav. We tried on all the coats in the store to be thorough and we just kept coming back to this one. It looks great open, and it cinches the waist when closed, creating that delightful hourglass shape we all covet. The leather sleeves make it edgy, the zipper closure ensures there will be a clean line without the dreaded button pucker, especially if you layer up. We love the silver tone military button front and shoulders. The side panels also offer a little stretch. We're finding some of the military jackets this year to be a little too costumey, but this one hit's the right marks. We feel the black version of this coat could be worn with both dresses and jeans. It also won't break your budget, we paid just over a hundred dollars for this one. Reasonable for what you get. If you're short, because this coat is mid length, it probably won't look very great with flats. Annie wears her version with a pair of block heel military boots.

(Below) the versions of the jacket as pictured on the Torrid website. It comes in both black and olive green.

( Below) Annie wearing the black version of the jacket. Ann is a size 2 and it around 5'4. Looks pretty kick ass right? Gorgeous! The button detail sits a little lower on Ann and stops at the waist, on the taller models they sit about an inch above the waist line.

We also checked out the long military coat at Addition Elle. We won't be posting any photos because it was a major #fail.

You have to be pretty tall to pull this coat off, and it seems to be cut very "straight" and because we're not the tallest girls it swallowed up up. If you're tall this coat might look stunning on you. If you're short and an apple well it was worth a chuckle in change room. We also felt this coat was just a little too costume-like.... like something we'd wear in a marching band. Jay said she felt like a pirate with the coat and her knee high boots. ( Not a cool Gena Davis cutthroat island kinda pirate) Ahoy!

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